30 October 2011


Official pics from our Des Moines a/w 11 campaign, score! it's cute but not cheesy, fresh and arti at the same time. October Love Song would be the perfect track for it!
This week we were on WhoWhatWear  featured on an article about best of sheer black, brilliant, we retweeted that all afternoon actually. ALSO you can now see us talking about our hardcore addictions on Stylelikeu.com, click here if you can't see the vid below or simply admire this casual screen captures. Also our website had a makeover! www.thelazyones.com go check it out!
Addictions: London 1 from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

And we have just remembered that about the same time as Lily Mandelbaum came to film us, Yvan Facehunter came to the park with us to walk our dog Jules, and that's his pic of us. You know, Yvan actually doesn't like dogs very much although he did quite a good job hiding it, so to take the guy out of his misery, we suggested we leave the dog home and go to the Albion for breakfast, cos you know, that's where you take your friends with french accent for a snack in Shoreditch. Bliss!