28 February 2015


got our nails done! fun stuff at TLO in February, thanks Jade! 
now some have better nails than others :) 

31 January 2015

Sun Glitters!

2015 is here! waterfall coats are the best look! it's been such a fun january! thanks everybody for shopping with us!
it's a mix of regular customers with lots other ones new to the area! Shoreditch rules, we've always known this that's why we've open our store here over 10 years ago!
Sundays are again madness, it seemed lots of you decided to come on weekdays for a while, we are here everyday so no matter when you wanna pop in we are always open! fashion never sleeps!
our ribbed tops have been given a new life with some new added colours
but long sleeves black one still my favourite 
Hey! we filmed the new campaign for #thisisMyLondon for Beefeater gin and it was so much fun!
watch it here

 So fast paced, so upbeat, truly captioning this London spirit! 
Also happening in the TLO world, the lovely Amber Atherton came to film at the store a vid with the gorgeous Cailin Russo for Popular Magazine
They both got some fab pieces, and took some pics with her new tiger bag and posted them on insta.....we LOVE instagram, for a brand is a great tool to communicate with our customers.
Give us a shout, well actually we mean, tag us, if you happen to get a selfie with your TLO garments, so proud to see how you girls love our garments!
so nice!

 and a HUGE thanks to Rolling Stone magazine for this article about us where they claim we are as londoners as the Queen! :P 
Reading an article about you in a magazine we used to buy as teens like Rolling Stone is so surreal....nearly as surreal as this scene our friend saw just quietly walking around in Barcelona!
omg! someone took one of our billboards from our Beefeater campaign and is giving it a new life, we've been recycled! haha
lolz January you've been so funny!

31 December 2014

labyrinth Ear!

 best-seller alert! ribbed tops
ready for x-mas weekend 2014, what a year, we've celebrated 10 years of our store and did our first pop-up abroad with Beefeater London District, also became the face of Energy phone Pro, wow! we also reached more than 43k followers on Depop
For more updates check all our social media links on our website here 
So proud to announce that our pictures for Disposable magazine are out! link below

Also, Anais did a post about our crochet tops yay! link here
 Breaking the internet while sitting on a garden in Palm Springs!
 have you seen the update we did for the party season! metallic ones!
This other feature is not out for a while, but here is a preview of Arvida wearing Saccharine Shrine available now at TLO, score! Styled by the adorable Maria Pizzeria.

baby, its cold outside!
fun times at TLO
As you can see below the cameras were rolling this month at The Lazy Ones, for an Mtv pilot no less, about a fan that gets obsessed about her favourite artist, Diego had a part in it, as a shop keeper, of course.
2014! thank you! Let's work even harder in 2015!

30 November 2014

Les Sins

Super power for November!
We got interviewed by Daily Metal such a good read if you wanna know lots more about us!

and Glamour Spain asked us our favourite cocktail spots
Its great to be able to tell our London story, cos we have started from nothing to build all this, Cuore interview this month is a great deal for us, as it's a huge mainstream magazine in Spain, we talked to them about the USP of our designs.
Lots of accessories this November, come and check us out 102 Sclater st. London E1 6HR

31 October 2014

The Mighty Lemon Drops!

spice up your life! create! October has been amazeballs.
We've launched some amazing brands at TLO, like Hanna Lee x Sofia Drescher, so great to see Hanna after all this years, so proud all she is done in NZ.

We are also now proud stockist of Saccharine Shrine
 yay! modelled by Isi
We also did a cute video for Beefeater In-edits here doing some karaoke to The Dixie Cups
Also Charlie Barker wow with TLO co-ords on instagram
history in the making!