25 November 2011


Mosaic! aztec! tribal! we are really digging it right now...actually we are figuratively digging these graphic styles AND literally digging, as we are expanding The Lazy Ones, our shop in Shoreditch, to 2 floors! double the fun AND double the clothes.
isn't it cute? it's our live/work space..we can't wait to show you how our new floor has turned out. A few backstage pics for your pleasure from our twitter....plumber-chic is really taking off, you know?
Currently such a contrast between our dusty mornings in the basement and the glamourous afternoons in the shop with beautiful customers like Meryl Fernandes , that bought our midi black lace to wear to an event...with photocall!
 Actually, when Nat is not mixing cement she likes to wear black lace too,
this pic (with lace) above was taken by uber cool photographer Kate Cox at The Alibi when Blood Orange played a few months ago, dunno why i didn't post it earlier but it came to my mind when we met with Joanna Apps to see Cant play a secret gig and Dev was a playing with them, how bizarre...although not as bizarre as the moment we were invaded by 30+ people from a tour of east end shops! the tour guide was talking about us while we were inside the shop, she said we are obssesed by vintage haberdashery...oh dear!