31 October 2010


hey look! our suedette mini skirt on a Topshop display mannequin 
his crepe dress is a sample we will be producing soon!
hey we are currently selling over 100 garments a week, thanks!

Since the start of september everything has gone BROWN at The Lazy Ones (that's the Des Moines HQ on Brick Lane). Lots of shades of brown for suedette skirts, chiffon blouses, playsuits...
Ladies, the future is brown!, at least until we get bored of it or rather until you get bored of it. The last 2 month have been amazing for Des Moines, we've had an amazing response for our collection, and we are now shifting more units a weeks than ever, thank you for keeping us so busy! Now, let's make more pretty clothes! It certainly feels like a new chapter here, even Nat has ditched her blonde for ginger!
Diego x