3 October 2010

Trin Tran!

38714_10150255091235297_844865296_14105035_6500530_n 39068_10150255092510297_844865296_14105115_2539025_n toplace olivia lace lacedress
I found this striking crochet ages ago when i was searching for new fabrics just right before the summer and at first i didn't know what I would do with it but i liked it. The guy from the fabric shop told me it was a 60's original cloth, so it had been lying around in their warehouse for 50 years, crazy!
After a few hours playing with it on the mannequin in the studio i decided to make a simple and nice long-sleeved crop top, and as soon as i finished i realised that it could really work as a maxidress as well. Off-white 60's crochet maxidress. Score! The next day i left the rough unfinished version on the display at the shop and someone wanted to get it straight away. It has been such a best-seller since then, and topshop still likes it so much the guys from display have used it for autumn too!

I guess it's now a classic!
Nat x