13 November 2010


we adore our cheeks jumper! loving this palette at the moment 
Nat wearing maxi purple crochet dress

Believe me, uploading pictures on blogger is not an easy task, especially if, like me, you have to do it while taking care of a shop on a Saturday.....oh well! This purple crochet fabric was brilliant but is now sold out, so here i'm making a sort of homage to it. Long live on some girls wardrobes! It deffo is one to keep. Well, i'm off to clear the changing room, there's hangers everywhere. By the way, did you know there's a secret room on the changing room? its a sort of utility room, anyway, when someone is on the changing room for ages i always fear she is some squatter and she is now squatting my utility room and using my brushes and floor paint and that i will have to call the police and wait, i don't know, 3 weeks for her to leave..... you know this sort of thing happens when it makes front page of Metro on a weekly basis!...well it's 3pm and that means peak time! And in true Mtero style, here are a few pics of animals!
See ya!
Diego x