9 August 2006


Not from the creators of kitler comes the catfarer! let your cat be the new chloe sevigny or nicole ritchie with this cool creation!

After months of research our marketing department have concluded that glasses for cats is what pet owners desire the most since dressing your dog took off 4 years ago. Poor cats they can't be dressed but nobody says they can't be acessorised! In fact we say they should be! with a pair of catfarers at all times, i mean, they can see in the dark anyway!.

"hi, i'm infante, i'm 3 years old and i live in brick lane, east london. Since i wear my catfarers i have had much more success with female cats at the vicebar. it's just amazing! a whole new experience! Sometimes i even pull in the daylight, sober, at coffee@ or queueing for a bagel just because i'm wearing my catfarers. Damn! how i wish i had balls again!"