15 August 2007

We made it!

We were excited when back in june, Topshop showed interest in Des Moines and asked for some samples for a possible collaboration. We sended 8 units and waited nervously for a response, that arrived on the 15th of july with Lisa Honey confirming we were taken onboard at TS Oxford Circus as a concession, and that we were launching there on the 6th of august with a 6 linear fixture. 3 weeks to make 90 garments and some other 30 for stock!
 Natalia had a clear view of the look of the collection. Hard cotton fabrics, puffball shapes contrasting with flowy short skirts, antique haberdashery detailing on some dresses and vynil bits on others. A clear hard but romantic message. All very unique and handmade by the two of us and a couple of friends!
cute balloon update already popular at Des Moines flagship store TLO
all handmade!
 its all handmade until we start our atelier production. All made in London
we made so many skirts too! they all sold out in one day! 
And just at the final week Natalia decided we needed to add a show stopper, and she went and cut some bit from the bedroom curtain and voila! the macrame dress was born.
And it has become our best-seller! Luckily enough this week we found a stall in dalston market that sells the same trimming in a roll, just when the last curtain was being butchered! This first week after the launching has been amazing, we've been to topshop everyday!. Seing so many people loving what we do has given us so many new ideas! Topshop is busier than brick lane on sunday market!
Then, today we saw they have put 2 of our dresses in the main mannequins in the ground floor, you can see them from oxford st!