2 April 2004

About us!

A Parisian silhouette with a London attitude, Des Moines has achieved in their current collection a balance between hard and romantic, garments that are unthreatening yet interesting.

Made and sourced in London, the label never stops experimenting with unusual fabrics paired in eye-catching colour combos adorned exquisitely with a vast collection of vintage haberdashery that makes each piece truly unique and individual but somehow always achieving an effortless and timeless look.

It's Atelier Fashion; short dresses, ruffle tops and paper-bag skirts coming from a young and vibrant label founded in 2001 by fashion-graduate Nat Colom and her partner Diego Tellez in a little corner of east London.

Des Moines is currently selling their collection at Topshop flagship store in Oxford Circus (launched since august 2007) and at the brand-own store The Lazy Ones. Also, their international presence is palpable now that Des Moines is available at Pixiemarket.com where items sold out in the first 24h of being in the site and in Japan in the hand of ABAHOUSE.

Des moines is about something universal, femininity and something concrete, city-life, which has already attracted the likes of Keira Knightley, Peaches Geldof, Kelly Osbourne or Alexa Chung among others.

Des Moines previous collections have already been featured in Dazed and Confused, W magazine, SelfService or Elle Italia and its heavily present in the blogosphere.


The Lazy Ones is a new concept of store situated in Brick Lane’s east London.
The idea of the shop opened in 2004 by creative duo Nat Colom and Diego Tellez was, on one hand, to provide to fashion-concious people an cool selection of vintage, mainly dresses for girls and shirts for boys, but to promote also the owners artistic side with a range of illustrated gear (tees, sweatshirts shoes and bags) and a womenswear collection (Des Moines).

Thanks to their great location in one of europe’s most "happening" areas, the store is favoured by actors, musicians, artists and media people like Beyonce, Keira Knightley, Kate Moss & Pete Doherty, Alexa Chung, Peaches Geldof, Kelly Osbourne, Fearne Cotton, Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith, Jarvis Cocker, Gael Garcia-Bernal, Samantha Morton & Tracy Emin.

As well as supermodels such as Erin Wasson, Daul Kim(R.I.P.), Gemma Ward, Iekeliene Stange, Grace Small, Eugenia Volodina, Kim Noorda & Luca Gadjus.
Fashion people include Camille Bidault-Waddington, Gareth Pugh, Matthew Williamson or Marjan Pejoski among others.

Also bands like Blood Orange, Kindness, S.C.U.M., The Teenagers, Health, Be Your Own Pet, Maximo Park, Basement jaxx, Dizzee Rascal and friends like Patrick Wolf or Bishi, and all the band members from Franz Ferdinanz but Kapranos for some reason.
Or though the highest celeb moment The Lazy Ones have experienced was when Beyonce worn one of their designs in October 11, a dress handmade by Nat herself.

The Lazy Ones have appeared in Dazed and Confused, W magazine, SelfService, Elle France, Elle Italia, Elle Sweden, Elle Korea, Time Out, Street magazine, Pimp magazine, Amelia’s, Neo 2 and El Pais among others.
In the media their clothes have been used most recently in a 90210 episode and in the past were used for channel 4's Nathan Barley(hilarious!) and in numerous videos for catalan bands Astrud & Hidrogenesse.

In august 2007,
a new chapter for The Lazy Ones started when Des Moines became available at Topshop flagship store in Oxford Circus.
In october 08 Des Moines made its US debut in the hands of Pixie Market. You can buy a selection of Des Moines best pieces in their New York store as well as online at www.pixiemarket.com.
In 09 Des Moines reached Hong Kong and Korea through various independent stores.
In 10 Des Moines reached Japan in the hands of ABAHOUSE's Nomine stores.

in 11 Des Moines launched in 36 store in Japan with Itochu and expanded to a total of 48 stores in 2012.

Back in 2001, Nat & Diego created a fake band in a friends studio and decided to call it The Lazy Ones because although it was basically an antifolk album, even the tambourine was from a keyboard. They wrote their own lyrics and melodies though!. "You don't even know" included hits like"The balloon farm" which was played on Michael Goodstein's radioshow on WFMU in the United States.
In 2004 a revival of their "musical project" occurred when they handled some copies to music insiders, which culminated in a mini hoxton tour. After playing live with a real band they went back to basics and recorded a midi covers album,"MIDIocre xmas 04", with midi tracks downloaded from the internet and with a cassette recorder plugged to their pentium II as a microphone.
In 2006 The Lazy Ones became a virtual band and they lauched their 3rd album "Invisible green" through myspace and youtube . The album talks in songs like "i wanna have a shop" or "virtuality" about the ups and downs of the retail world, its customers and online shopping or in "senyora" how to get rid of a cat when there's no space for her in your new flat. "Invisible green" named after their shop front colour paint also includes crazy danceable fun tracks like "omg!I married a horse!".