12 November 2007

Let's recap!

Edith looking stunning in our pink balloon dress and below is the second drop of designs for our Topshop Concession in Oxford Circus... 
a lovely picture from our flagship store in Shoreditch below
nice tricky dresses below done by Lucy Atelier, she is so good! These are limited edition!
a blurry picture of our rail in Topshop!

 We haven't updated for so long, obviously because we never stop! Everyday there is a ton of things to do in order to get our product out there, even though we are having fun along the way. Sadly we are not living up to our name and might change it to The Busy Ones! Above is what has been new in stores minus the skirts which are always in such small runs it's imposible to keep a track of them. hey! don't forget that if you are in Glasgow you can buy Des Moines at Doll boutique!