31 May 2014

Colleen Green!

amazing cotton crochet deadstock top limited now available at TLO!
D O L P H I N S, the MEGA best-seller of the month! Super thanks to our superstar friend Maria Pizzeria that deffo put in the map!
lots of newness!
all online www.thelazyones.com

embossed co-ords
also the most POP ART thing happened to us this month as the Beefeater Destillery opened its doors to the public with a new visitor's exhibition! THERE IS A TLO LONDON CAB! Loving The Lazy Ones sign on top of the wheel! This is fantastic! Obvs all thanks to our customers, cos we are a shop!

AND! we had a TV crew coming to the store! NTN noticias talked about on on Flash Fashion

link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06pRkeQlOtQ&list=UUSxNUgdKs96t4YT4jQBlNgg
that wasn't the only bit of filming we did in store, cos we have an amazing new project in the pipeline, we are the new face of smartphones, more about it soon, now here are some pics of the filming days 
Laura makes a guest appearance!
Thanks to all the team from Vess Media