30 April 2014

Soft Pink Truth!

so sorry that you are boring!
TLO is 10 years old! wow established in april 2004 yeah! so proud! its all thanks to you ppl! LOVE YOU!
we are loving our newness, we have some cool embroidered fringe tops!
We can't believe the nice words about us, our London adventure and our task as Beefeater Gin ambassadors by some of the best magazines! Look we were in ELLE and VOGUE and Glamour Spain!
Elle  said "Natalia and Diego, the geniuses behind The Lazy Ones, we discover the designs from these spaniards in love with London. London is everything for the owners of The Lazy Ones store located in Shoreditch. Discover the new Beefeater ambassadors". Thanks Elle Spain as well for selecting their favourite TLO items from spring 14. Link to Elle Spain article here! 
Vogue Spain said "The spaniards Nat and Diego moved to London over 10 years ago and today they run one of the most acclaimed stores in East London. We have a look at their lives behind the scenes."
Also pretty pretty pretty amazed to read this piece on Vogue Spain! link here we never seen so many cool pics of us together!
And Glamour said : The vintage London from The Lazy Ones, a success Made in Spain, Nat and Diego dress in their Shoreditch store celebs like Alexa Chung, Keira Knightley and Kate Moss. Link here! 
Thanks you so much!
We really hope our thoughts about London can inspire others to follow their dreams like we did! 
Nat&Diego xx