28 February 2013


 Hiya, i'm Nat, co-founder of TLO! The Rose Jumper Revolution has started! inspired by the original wallpaper on our store, we adore this all over print design.
we were not the only ones, it has been so popular we've spotted it on Style.com
pretty exciting! Tommy Ton from JakandJil blog! we actually took pic of that very same customer when she bought her Bed of Roses wool jumper in our store in Shoreditch.
which reminds me, this is a customer's post!
hey our silver turtleneck top!
 cool! far above our tapestry jumper and above our new velvet leggings!
TLO total look! our velvet glittery turtleneck top and wet look skater skirt!
bed of roses wool jumper in cream!
Kate Cox with our pompom hearts jumper!
Sophie Heawood with our chiffon trench coat!
kawaii! double pompom beanie and cat ears beanie!
nice neon necklace from Allen&Code
Cute friends with our Shaggy coat now sold out and below blogger Miranda Makaroff holidaying with our gems shirt in Italy
 A big thank you as well to all the camera shy ones! 
we love you all, you make our dreams possible! 
TLO our shop in Shoreditch...the display window features our latest spring drop
Stylist Leah Jennings looking stunning with some of our spring knitwear
Also TLO tapestry reversible jumper, above, is back in stock!
Below, our TLO multicoloured jumper on Vogue Spain 
hey, something is missing in this post.....Jules!
Also, we are thrilled our Japanese adventure just got bigger! you can now shop our brand in 46 stores across the country, check out our social media link for the exact addresses and cities. Appealing to a global audience is overwhelming considering we started from the bottom. We are so grateful! Arigato!