31 January 2013


our friend Yvan facehunter came to visit and take pictures around brick lane for a project in Denmark, cool!
we posted this one of Nat and Yvan on instagram, we know each other for so many years now!
hey, we've launched our TLO spring 13 campaign MAJOR!
more friends, more bloggers! the lovely Miranda Makaroff also came to see us recently and couldn't resist to  shop some of our spring turtleneck tops!
here she is with her boyf and friends wearing our velvet glittery turtleneck top, shimmery!
and here she is wearing our gingham leggings, she really suits our brand!
yes! TLO spring 13 is here
although our dear friend Meryl from FoundEastLondon cleary came on a less springy day, 
she bought our evil cat hat to match her furs!
Going abroad was the only way to enjoy our clothes without layers, like Rharha from thecapitalofcool, she came to the store with Petit Noir and got herself this jersey maxi and the top version, to wear in Thailand! lucky!
cool friends match their jumpers! thanks for coming Anna and Taiba! u look so cute with our fluffy jumpers!
Get out of here! more blogger friends wearing our spring 13 collection! the stunning Patricia Nicolas with our jersey skater dress, wow! 
She is a jewellery designer and has opened a store across the road from us, which reminds me that...we have a new Allen&Code delivery!
it's now 2013 and soon will be our 10th anniversary, we are blessed!
we have been so busy this past month, even in snowy days! thank you all!
Jules couldn't care less about the snow!
as mentioned, even with snow this below was a typical sunday scene in our Shoreditch store...
the below pic was taken on a weekday..those girls were so cute, they kept shouting OMG! this is amazing! omg! two floors! hahaha so cute! 
hey we almost forgot! Vanidad magazine did an article on us! thanks Mafalda Silva and Ana Valls, look at us, Nat & Diego, striking a pose! we are taking a liking to this!
full article on our FB page  ! this and all the other social media links on www.thelazyones.com