20 August 2011


above Nat is wearing our polka dots batsleeves shirt and on the second picture our sleeveless lace maxi
 A little look at what goes backstage while we make our new garments. This is our atelier, run by Lucy, one of the most skilled and experienced seamstress in London, she's worked for lots of fashion week brands, and here she is with some of her girls making the second run of our new peach contrast jumpsuit. We love spending the afternoons there and listen to her stories about orders she's done "with that beautiful chiffon that was £30 a metre, you know..." Time is key in fashion and orders always need to move fast, so sometimes her husband helps her with the cutting,and it's so sweet to watch, like a scene in a movie, he will be on top of the cutting table with his huge, hard-working hands cutting the finest of fabrics almost in a blink of an eye while their grumpy chihuahua barks at whoever stranger is there unfolding their patterns and showing their zip choices. And these are the results, so peachy!