31 August 2011

Brilliant Colours!

Everyone came to visit us this month, which is brilliant. Style Bubble came one lovely morning to The Lazy Ones HQ in Shoreditch to film a vid segment she is doing to promote the launch of a swedish brand that is coming to the U.K. and she couldn't resist getting for herself something from Des Moines new collection of lace dresses. It was pink, of course. we love girlie at the moment!
And sooner that we could finish our 11th listen to Brilliant Colours new album, another blogger friend, Miranda Makaroff, came around 'cos she was spending a few days in London, and let me tell you people, if you are planning to come to Brick lane and browse for some amazing vintage finds, you can forget it 'cos her and her friends found absolutely all of them, that's it, what you wanted it's in their wardrobes now. And before you ask, in the picture she is wearing our black chiffon high low dress
Nat posing casually on our changing room, actually in need of a tidy up!
But not everyone wearing Des Moines wear it in the shop only, people buy it and take it home too!Madness! like Patricia Nicolas who took her Des Moines polka dots blouse to Ibiza, go figure!
And her friend Amber Atherton appeared pensive while she was asked about her make-up routine in Stella magazine wearing one of our autumn samples, she is adorable, heart-shaped face kind of major adorable level;s, i'm telling you, cult face!
By the way, if you are shopping in Tokyo soon, you can now buy Des Moines there, right there in the main shopping avenue, score!
cute jersey mini dress now available at TLO in Shoreditch