20 May 2008

Dirty Projectors!

It's fancy to look back at your work and to see an evolution of the things you create. i remember when we were doing those lovely one-offs for the shop with fabrics found here and there, or our trips to dalston market to buy lace and trimmings for the ts launch. Then over x-mas we started doing less heavy cotton and more silky and also all those quilted fabrics and bold adornaments, like the satin dress with that artdeco triming in the neckline or the puffball quilted dress itself had a bow with a vintage botton made of checoslovaquian crystal, heavy stuff!. After that it was the mood change era, bare and settle, with lots of chiffon, layered chiffon, ruffled chiffon, printed chiffon....and now, well we have sooo many new ideas, you can see a return to lace with the nude-ity dress, and prints we love, proper vintage prints, i mean when you spent 3 summers of your life selling vintage dresses in Brick Lane, let me tell you, you know what a proper print is.
Maybe, maybe, maybe....that's the answer a friend of mine has to everything, lets leave all in the air....

This is a sample of a new style we are working on, we never show samples but we are so excited about this one, it's so cool you can't apreciate it much but the skirt has such a nice cut, it's in an angle but its not bias cut, very flattering.