31 January 2015

Sun Glitters!

2015 is here! waterfall coats are the best look! it's been such a fun january! thanks everybody for shopping with us!
it's a mix of regular customers with lots other ones new to the area! Shoreditch rules, we've always known this that's why we've open our store here over 10 years ago!
Sundays are again madness, it seemed lots of you decided to come on weekdays for a while, we are here everyday so no matter when you wanna pop in we are always open! fashion never sleeps!
our ribbed tops have been given a new life with some new added colours
but long sleeves black one still my favourite 
Hey! we filmed the new campaign for #thisisMyLondon for Beefeater gin and it was so much fun!
watch it here

 So fast paced, so upbeat, truly captioning this London spirit! 
Also happening in the TLO world, the lovely Amber Atherton came to film at the store a vid with the gorgeous Cailin Russo for Popular Magazine
They both got some fab pieces, and took some pics with her new tiger bag and posted them on insta.....we LOVE instagram, for a brand is a great tool to communicate with our customers.
Give us a shout, well actually we mean, tag us, if you happen to get a selfie with your TLO garments, so proud to see how you girls love our garments!
so nice!

 and a HUGE thanks to Rolling Stone magazine for this article about us where they claim we are as londoners as the Queen! :P 
Reading an article about you in a magazine we used to buy as teens like Rolling Stone is so surreal....nearly as surreal as this scene our friend saw just quietly walking around in Barcelona!
omg! someone took one of our billboards from our Beefeater campaign and is giving it a new life, we've been recycled! haha
lolz January you've been so funny!