31 July 2014

Free Design

TLO ninjas, new pics by Yvan Facehunter for Coolneeded
so much fun taking pics on Bishopsgate.
obligatory selfie after pics
Also we are so proud to be part of the launch on the new Energy phone Pro
This is a screen shot of the amazing campaign 
love this one :P and this is a preview of the video, insane!
link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYgOTjScXio
screen grab!
Also, thanks Revista El Duende for this interview, one of our favourites http://www.duendemad.com/en/node/5067
Having a shop is such a journey, now we get to share it with even more ppl than just our customers
in amazing dog news! Laura got a new puppy! Violet is such an adorable cute grey iggy!