31 December 2013

The Blank Tapes!

Like The Blank Tapes say Uh-Oh! Let's get glam!
This year has been amazing, we want to thank you to all our customers, the camera shy ones and the not so shy below!
Above poet Patricia Rezai with her TLO bomber

 Because of you in 2014 we are celebrating 10 years of the opening of our store!
"This is my day" sing the guys from The Blank Tapes....so, we've been featured in Glamour France! Merci
Thanks to Yo Dona, for a full page about us and our store!
Also thanks Cuore magazine for the mention!
We couldn't believe it when we saw our picture in Hola! Fashion
and on Cosmopolitan December issue

December was a double rainbow! we launched a premium capsule collection 
Happy 2014! haha Nat & Diego xxx