30 September 2013

The Walkmen!

 This is what happen this September at TLO, new knitwear!
new perforated suede and leatherette shorts!
Minimal! new organza bomber jacket!
 worn below by internet famous Molly Goodman
 got one too, of course! 
TLO current collection is digging quite a sport look but done with unusual fabrics, like the suede shorts and the organza bomber above, so we couldn't resist and design some sweatshirts too
 Continuing the detailing on the shorts we made some perforated snake print patchwork leatherette insert sweatshirts
also went for some quilted ones! such a massive best-seller!
This Alice handbag was matching quite well with our theme! now in-store!
a selection of you can find in our shop is online! www.thelazyones.com has FREE shipping right now!
or come and visit us at 102 Sclater st. Shoreditch London E1 6HR, open everyday until 7pm
Some of the non-camera shy customers that came to buy here at the store!
hey we must do this sweatshirt too!lolz