28 January 2012


 Well, what can we say....we quite fancy girls with jumpers, girls in Des Moines jumpers specifically....that's all....how tumblr of us....well actually if you like us when we are a bit more chatty, we could just mention we launched a 2nd floor at The Lazy Ones a few weeks ago...it looks smashing!

 Also we have created a new capsule collection (jersey dresses, bodies, leggings, accessories...) to go with the minimal look of our new floor at our flagship store in Shoreditch, where, maybe, when you visit us we will be playing girls with...glasses.....ok, apols for the terrible joke but our brain is a bit of a porridge from getting together our latest japanese order...
...seriously, when are they gonna have enough of us over there, jeez?.....haha, of course we are joking, we LOVE that you can buy Des Moines in central Tokyo, as well as NYC and of course London!