9 April 2011

Yo La Tengo!

you know, we know, maxis! Since last september ,when our lace maxi started selling like crazy, we've had so many of you asking for more styles and they are here, well some of them were already available and some of them are coming soon, but that's the fun of fashion, innit? There's a powder chiffon one coming, and a new black lace, and if you prefer short skirts, we've found the most amazing suedette(again!), such a sumery colour, i'll show you soon. Also don't forget you can now buy Des Moines current collection at ASOS Marketplace here
AND! it's our shop and label anniversay Des Moines started 10 years ago and The Lazy Ones was stablished 7 years ago check out this pic from a few years back, what a vintage-fest!
this is Lina wearing our first Des Moines collection and below a picture of the early years of our Shoreditch store....memories!