24 June 2010

The Moldy Peaches!

wow new tees! screen printed tees available at TLO

tee fangs puke 2
with fangs!
they look fab at TLO, our flagship store in Shoreditch
tee shop
there's some drunk swimmer too!
tee gilr

We started making our "oh-such-a-classic-lazyones" hand-printed tees again a while back due to so many requests (true fact!) . We always make small numbers so they sell out quick. We made a bunch recently so there availability at the moment, so you can get yours before they finish again! You can never go wrong with some heather grey...or though white is also nice!
btw what about the amazing brown suede attack on our e-shop? Finally our contrast playsuit and our brown suede skirt is now available online. Also cool shoes are already sold out!