10 May 2009

Once upon a time!

I was the other day in the store and this cool girl comes in and tells me she was going to a party and she thought on wearing a jumpsuit and i was like, "hey, i got the right thing for you", and i showed her my Des Moines knitted jumpsuit which by the way is out now in it's 2nd edition,
and also the light denim one, and she was like, "hey i really like this one but i'm not sure if denim might be a bit stiff to wear for a party". Not at all, i said, we take really good care of sourcing the best fabrics for each garment and i can asure you wearing this denim feels like you have nothing on!. Then i smiled, it's always best to smile after you've been a bit technical, you know.

She looked at me like i was alan sugar's last week fired apprentice and told me she still wasn't convinced. My "you're losing a sale" bell rang loudly so i said, Girl, i'm gonna prove you wrong and at the same time show how Marc Jacobs it's not the only designer out there who likes a stretch.
So i was like you can do this, aaand this, and most surely you can also do this and......

.... just as i was going down with dog, she told me she was convinced and she bought it and left quite quickly! God how am i like?! She also left before i could show her all you can do with my one-off cut-out tees!

Or though probably the best you can do with a tee it's chilax! have a nice day!