23 January 2009

This is hardcore!

This is more of a sample piece. We loved the fabric, a nice floral jean but like Tina we like it nice but we like it rrrrough, so Nat grabbed a cutter and looked decidely at me, i got a bit scared, i mean, i know i was guilty of not doing the dishes for a week but, did it have to come to this?! Luckily i think it was more of an eureka look as she just stared at the piece and ripped the frontal panelling. Of course, frayed jean!, pheeewww!
Also, if you wanna know a little bit more about us and our store, The Lazy Ones, there's an article in london.unlike. from the lovely Kirsty "that's just my vibe" Mckie. She also did some shopping, so check out her blog to see what she snapped up!