20 December 2008

Dressed in Dresden!

It's almost x-mas day and almost nye! let's dance!! They are perfect days to wear Des Moines for sure, but which one! Lots of you are loving the thread dress, some versions are now sold out, like the white one and a new remix has pop out, the thread dress last version. It's such a winner!. As well as being available at our usual stockists in the U.K, it will also be available in the U.S. at Pixie Market. As you can see i'm trying to sound all international here to impress the family over x-mas.
The cocktail dress(below left)! Thanks god a picture is worth more than a thousand words 'cos i can't really type much right now as i'm serving customers at the shop!. Below right is the new version, less vintage and more edgy, of the flow dress, which as well you can buy in the new york and L.A. stores of pixie market (r u reading that mum?).
Bye bye x-mas topshop Best seller!