25 September 2008

Fashion designer loses the plot!

East-London fashion designer Nat Colom lost the plot as she was trying on her own new creation. The member of the creative duo The Lazy Ones was shooting in her studio pictures for the launching of her new LDN dress, a red jersey frock with a rather funky frontal pannelling, when she started shouting "i'm feeling so light, this is soooo Agy!" and "yoooou better call Katie Graaand right now!". The situation took a dramatic twist as the Ange dress designer headed to the window in, what is rumored, was an attemp to emulate Laura Hollins in her latest spread for Pop magazine where she jumped from a 5th floor. Luckily everything ended up well as Diego, the other member of The Lazy Ones, remind her that he was no Ryan Mcginley and most importantly that there was no safety net or any fake snow for that matter.
The LDN dress is safely in stores now.