18 August 2008

teen vogue baby!

The post below are obviously pictures of our latest designs for Des Moines. We forgot to mention here that it's now been one whole year working alongside Topshop, hopefully the future will be as promising as the last 12 months!
Style bubble was on teen vogue and she was wearing Des Moines!
We did a few weeks back a photoshoot for the september issue of ASOS magazine for a feature called "stars of the internet", well they said that!, we don't believe it, but it's a nice thing to label us into, although the best support ever was this e-mail from a few weeks back! we love you!!rock and roll!

Sent: 25 July 2008 22:45:26
To: thelazyones@hotmail.com
Just wanted to say...I fucking love your stuff. It's not often you find a shop where you like everything in it. Just wanted to show a little appreciation