26 August 2008

The Strokes!

cute store!
fun first drop of autumn 08 from Des Moines
These 3 new pieces are amazing! they were put together in 24 hours! Nat woke up at 8am last thrusday and did the 3 patterns for them(we call them Party, Arty & Aggy or 3-Y, ha! fashion joke!). We then went to buy the fabrics and took them to the studio. Then there's all that cutting and joining thingy with the sewing machine. And the pressing.
By friday at midday they were already in Topshop and at The Lazy Ones. we love it!

peplum skirt amazing!

That's one of the most exciting things about Des Moines (& The Lazy Ones too!) We are MADE IN LONDON! All the materials are bought in London, every single garment is manufactured in London....In fact, we can safely say that when you are buying Des Moines you are buying a piece of ALBIOOON!