23 July 2008

We love reclaimed fabrics!

We are still putting our final touches to our new collection. It will be in stores from saturday, not all of it, we will slowly drop designs after and actually before! i forgot there is one new design already on sale. The good thing about having a label that its run entirely in London is that you can move so fast. Fashionwise i mean, because moving from A to B isn't as easy as it seems in this city. That's why we can create The Others. The Others are what we call to variations of our best sellers, that way there is a always a little bit extra love and exclusivity in our designs.
Check out Karine from Coffee&cigarettes wearing a rare and limited version of the postpunk top.
Karine is so cool, she once hugged Ian svenonius, went on a date with a teens of thailand and has a pic with grace jones cos she toured with her dad!
As i said, we are having fun with all the new ideas Nat has come up with. This collection is a big responsibility as it will be not only our most creative but also most relevant for us to date. We have two more companies interested in Des Moines and that is always a good thing. Let me tell you, we love a challenge, i mean, you are talking to a man that was queueing 3 times a week for a brownie down the bagel shop and now wakes up everyday at 8am to go to the gym. Yes i now, my mum is proud too! that's our studio right now.