16 March 2008

Cul de sac!

Living la vida fashion is so dedicated. We love to do everything ourselves, so you always have a huge list of things to do in order to keep on selling your product and to keep on physically having it. For example, since we opened the shop now 4 years ago, Natalia has done by hand every single t-shirt, jumper or lazy bag we have sold, and that's a lot of ink!. And as you know, with Des Moines it's the same story. We do every about the design, from the pattern to the sample to getting the buttons, to chose which fabrics it will be made with... and that, chosing the fabrics, is probably the most fun (making the pattern is always the least wild!).
Last week we spend our record time getting fabrics, about 5 hours!. It's not that it's difficult for us, in fact when natalia was doing her BA, textiles was one of her fav subjects, it's just that you don't want it to end!.You go from white against white, first cotton but then you change your mind and you love chiffon. Black against grey, then it's all about royal blue and after, here comes stripes!. We had to get it so right because we are launching in another Topshop, this time in Cambridge, it's a brand new huge store opening the 27th of march, we are excited!

We ended up getting lots of pique, chiffon, crepe and a lovely shade of dark grey satin. Although the fabric store you see in the pics, where we went this time is a far cry from Mr. Bophal in brick lane. He would love to scare lost fashion students off so he doesn't have to get up from his chair, he would go :how many meters? how many meters? and people would go, mmm can i see the fabrics first? you want white cotton? yes i have, i have white, blue, red...how many meters?. Hahaha....he is charming,though! He gave us 3 pears once and always tells us all the gossip about other brick lane fabric dinasties.