30 January 2008

Kas Product!

It's not a dress! it's the latest Des Moines tops and skirts designs, isn't it fun?. As loyal customers might have notice we now offer a wider range of skirt options as we are doing smaller runs but more often. The leather ones are brick lane favorite while oxford circus prefers nautical ones!.
we have also made a new satin jacket, so minimal!
We saw yesterday Sweeney Todd and when we arrived home, the blair witch project started on tv and we watched that as well. i wikipedia-it today and nobody from the cast of tbwp has done anything else, not even the directors, i mean it's not super amazing but normally when a movie has that much commercial success people then get to do a bond movie or mission imposible.
I'm gonna go more often to the cinema now to see any rubbish as i'm in a row with my local dvd place. they wanted to charge me £40 for a movie i forgot to return, give me a break! i hope they don't fancy a shave any time soon. did you know my shop, before it became a travel agency and then the lazy ones, was a barber's place?, no wonder my basement is inaccessible! haha.